Eight Reasons Why I LOVE My Job

I work with women who encapsulate their placenta after the birth of their baby. I love my job and wanted to share eight of the best reasons why:


  1. Carly Lewis LoveI get to chat to pregnant women nearly every day! I offer phone support through pregnancy, any questions with regards to choosing the correct remedies for your own personalised journey. We can debrief previous experiences (low milk supply, PND, baby blues, low iron levels) and look at how the remedies may be able to support them during the postnatal period.
  1. I often get to meet Dad on their own (before Mum has come back to her nest) so get to hear Dads debrief, listening to how proud they are of their warrior woman, listening to their fears.
  1. Listening to women debrief this birth story, taking in the moments of fear and allowing Mum to let go of those. Assuring them that the best was done at each moment. Promoting rest and relaxation whilst I prepare their remedy in their kitchen.
  1. Hearing the first newborn cries. Such a wonderful little sound. Being there to assure siblings that babies make that noise when they need to call for something – crying doesn’t mean sadness, just “please come”, “please get Mum”.
  1. Signposting local networks & groups that may be helpful to Mum on her journey.
  1. Receiving a text to say thank you. Receiving an update up to a year on (with pictures) letting me know how well things are going. Getting an update as to how breast feeding has turned a corner and Mum is now in complete comfort, a thank you for signposting that specific support group. Creams doing wonders for skin complaints!
  1. Empowering women – YOUR BODY, YOUR BIRTH, YOUR PLACENTA – placenta remedies are made by you, for you, to nourish you. You are the most important part of my job.
  1. Repeat clients, nothing is better than meeting a family for the second time and being invited to spend quality time in their home. Word of mouth! People calling to say that X recommends a certain remedy, or that they saw X in the garden centre and couldn’t believe how amazing she looks!

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