Basic Encapsulation Package - £220

Simple Preparation -

The placenta is "simply" washed, sliced and dehydrated before being encapsulated

Steamed Preparation -

If meconium is present at birth then the placenta is steamed before being sliced, dehydrated and encapsulated

Smoothie Package - £270

A delicious placenta smoothie made with fresh berries and banana. Made within the first 24 hours of your birth to ensure that all the vitamins, minerals, stem cells and hormones, that are available can start the healing process immediately

Includes the Simple Preparation Encapsulation -

The remaining placenta is "simply" washed, sliced and dehydrated before being encapsulated

Long Term Placenta Remedies

These placenta remedies are booked as an extra to the encapsulation

Homeopathic Remedies - £70

A 40c remedy for you & a 7c remedy for baby. To be used by you for times of worry, stress, concern, emotional imbalance, and by baby when teething, colic, general emotional stress.

Placenta Tincture - £75

This is a liquid form of your pills to help with times of worry, stress, hormonal imbalance and has been known to boost milk supply. 300ml of tincture which can be topped up to last a lifetime. You can request to keep the placenta in the tincture or receive in 6 weeks once the remedy has strengthened.

Placenta Essence - £60

A potent essence used to balance hormones, calm nerves and generally de stress yourself.

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What is Placenta Encapsulation?

Placenta encapsulation is the process of taking your raw placenta, dehydrating it and turning it into pills for you to take as a supplement in the post natal period. I believe that your placenta can benefit you nutritionally and help you heal after your birth.

Why encapsulate your placenta?

Your raw placenta is full of nutrients -

  • Stem Cells – placental stem cells are the body’s master cells and are one of the only stem cells that can transform into any type of tissue – from brain cells to blood cells
  • Iron – needed to oxygenate your blood cells
  • Vitamins B6 – to help make antibodies
  • Vitamin E – to heal damaged tissue and skin cells
  • Oxytocin hormone – the ‘love hormone’, essential for birth, breastfeeding, bonding and love. Oxytocin is a pain suppressant
  • Prolactin – this hormone promotes lactation
  • Thyroid stimulating hormone – boosts energy levels
  • Cortisone – combats stress and helps to fight depression

Taken from Placenta Remedies Network

By consuming your placenta you are immediately replacing any lost nutrition that has taken place during birth along with kick starting the healing process.

Next Steps...

Please complete the booking form to check that I cover the hospital or area that you are planning on birthing in. A non-refundable deposit of £50 will be taken on successful bookings and a chiller pack sent out when you are 36-37 weeks pregnant.