Doula Fairy Feedback


“Carly Lewis was fantastic- friendly, professional and communicative with quick responses. Carly had excellent communication throughout- from booking, to collecting my placenta and delivery of capsules. My placenta was collected quickly- within 2 hours of birth and the instructions for storage after birth were super easy to follow. My capsules were delivered by Carly on day 2- so there was a fast turnaround. I would 100% look to book with Carly again and would strongly recommend her for placenta remedies.” – July 2019

“Carly was absolutely amazing in the whole process. She kept me updated and picked up my placenta within 3 hours of me giving birth. My pills were with me so quickly! I would definitely recommend her!” – May 2019

“I booked it very late in my pregnancy but she ensured I received all the information and storage solutions very promptly. She came within an hour and a half of my baby being born on the Friday and delivered my capsules back first thing Sunday morning which I was very impressed with.  I have taken 1 pill a day since then and I can really notice if I don’t take one. I feel weaker and more tired.  I definitely feel like the capsules have kept my emotions stable I definitely haven’t been as up and down or emotional as I was with my first born. I have also felt I’ve managed the broken sleep so much better this time thanks to the capsules. I had lots of milk production this time which has given us a great start to breastfeeding. I also seem to have squeezed back into my normal clothes much much earlier on this time round.  I did bleed for around 5-6 weeks after the birth but it was very light after 2 weeks. If I was to have another baby I would definitely do this again without question.” – May 2019

“Deciding to have my placenta turned into capsules for me to consume after birth has been the best decision I’ve made!! I wish I’d have know more about placenta encapsulation when I was pregnant with my daughter as second time around I’ve noticed such a massive difference in how I’ve felt postnatally from my energy, my mood, my hormones, it’s honestly been such a positive and happier experience this time. I was worried about how I’d cope with a very active and demanding 3 year old and a newborn, especially in the first few weeks and if found it to be quite easy as I’ve felt so energised and happy. I’d recommend placenta encapsulation to anyone and if my husband and I decide to extend our family further in the future I will not hesitate to have my placenta made into capsules again as I’ve just felt incredible and have really enjoyed the first few weeks getting to know my son and adapting to our new life as a family of four, I’ve had none of the emotional ups and downs like I did as a first time mum and I’ve had nowhere near the amount of exhaustion and overwhelming tiredness and emotions experienced with my daughter. I think everyone should do this!” – July 2019

“Baby was 3 weeks old this Wednesday and I just wanted to let you know that we’ve been getting on really well.
With my first child I was lucky to not suffer with baby blues or anxiety but I did feel very tired and had some stress over feeding.
This time round I’ve felt ‘full of beans’.. It’s been altogether a more joyful newborn period for the whole family despite juggling her needs alongside those of our toddler and I’m sure that it’s been the encapsulation that’s made the difference.
I am recommending it to anyone that will listen.
Thank you for doing it for us and for getting the capsules to me so swiftly. I wasn’t expecting to be able to take them so quickly and I think doing so gave us a really good start to coming home.
I’m very glad I ended up with so many capsules even if it was a bit of a surprise to receive 2 jars!” – Oct 2018

“What a service!!! Carly was absolutely fantastic, my placenta was picked up from home a few hours after delivery and returned 24 hours later in capsules.
This is my second baby and I’ve been feeling fabulous – no baby blues, lots of energy (I have to keep reminding myself I’ve just had a baby), milk came in straight away and the after pains stopped shortly after starting the pills! Just wish I’d have thought about placenta encapsulation with my first baby.
I can’t recommend Carly enough, she’s lovely and so easy to work with.” – June 2018

“Carly was so helpful. She explained everything in advance and made making all the arrangements easy. She was able to collect the bag really quickly so I had all my tablets before I even left the hospital.  I feel the remedies have kept me balanced and calm and I have found it easier to focus on the important and ignore irritations. I think they’ve also helped me maintain a very strong milk supply. I’m so glad I found her and gave it a go – thank you Carly” – Feb 2019

“Loving my placenta print and feeling great, can’t believe it’s been 6 weeks already! Thanks for your wonderful service, can’t recommend it highly enough, everyone should do it!”

“Carly is lovely and was a great source of uplift after my first birth. It’s a shame she is not a doula anymore, but still does the lovely placenta and does this very professionally and quickly.” – May 2019

“I can’t believe it took me to have a third baby to find the benefits of consuming my placenta! From my first capsule, I literally got a buzz and that buzz continued. They were my happy pills, I just didn’t want them to end!” – April 2018

“Carly was amazing very informative and friendly and was lovely to deal with. Everything was so easy!” – August 2017

“With taking placenta pill after my second pregnancy I felt emotionally stronger. It was like they helped balance my hormones.” – April 2018

“Carly was fantastic, replied to messages straight away and was very informative. She collected my placenta on the day of birth and I received the tablets 2 days later. I really feel they helped my recovery and felt pretty much back to normal in a week and my milk supply has increased to my first baby. If I have another baby I will definitely do this again and recommend it to anyone having a baby.” – April 2018

“Carly was very friendly and helpful and explained everything thoroughly. I had a difficult birth but Carly was on hand the afternoon I had my baby to pick my placenta up and I had my capsules within 48 hours. The capsules really helped and I experienced no depression after the birth of my baby. I am continuing with the tincture. I would wholeheartedly recommend placenta encapsulation” – January 2018

“Carly and her husband were amazing as I had only really just contacted her and then I went into hospital prematurely. My husband called her and explained, and between them and the midwives and her husband, they did a midnight meeting in the hospital car pack with everything we needed. Brilliant and very grateful” – February 2019

“Carly was fantastically supportive, easily contactable and was there very soon after the birth of both of my babies. The entire experience was excellent and I would definitely do it again.” – December 2017

“an absolute joy, really lovely and helpful, have recommended to friends” – December 2017

“I really believe the placenta capsules helped me during the first 6 weeks, and possibly after. Medically we have had a rocky recovery & my son has severe acid reflux but but the boost the capsules have given me has helped me to keep going and remain positive, something that I didn’t experience after my first birth” – January 2018

“Fast service lovely service.” – April 2018

“Service was excellent, Carly was both friendly and professional. This was my first baby so I don’t have any previous experience to compare but I felt great and recovered so quickly from the birth, everyone commented on how great I looked. I lost all my baby weight in 6 weeks, had no trouble with breast feeding and survived those early sleepless nights with ease.” – October 2017

“Carly Lewis from Doula Fairy was informative, professional and friendly and her attention to detail and punctual. She also dried my cord and made it into a heart which was not asked and lovely added bonus touch!” – April 2018

“I got them, looooved the presentation! Was like a gorgeous little present! I took 2 pills yesterday and I’m really feeling fab. Is it just me or do they help with ceasarean recovery? I feel like it’s less painful & it’s reduced the burning sensation.” – July 2017

“I didn’t get my placenta encapsulated until a week after birth, I found it really made a difference, my lochia lessened a lot once I started taking the capsules, I definitely felt more energetic compared to before taking the capsules , as I haemorrhaged quite badly after birth so lost a lot of blood & my iron levels were extremely low, I would recommend this to every woman who is having a baby.” – June 2017

“Carly is so so nice, I really enjoyed being in contact with her.” – April 2018

“A thousand thanks for all your great help throughout this amazing experience and our journey to have our lovely P.” Nina, Guildford

“We will never forget the support you showed to us pre, during and post birth. You were out of this world and we will tell G all about you when he is old enough to understand. We loved having you as part of that very special experience. You gave us the confidence to bring our beautiful boy into the world in the best way ever.” George, Balham

“Thank you so much for being the most amazing doula at R’s birth. Your support and encouragement was absolutely invaluable to us. I’m so glad that we picked you to be part of your whole birth experience.” Naomi, Brighton

“Thank you so much for the most amazing introduction into birth and motherhood. Your support has been phenomenal and given me so much confidence.” Charlotte, Teddington

“How do I thank the person who safely guided L into the world! My birth story wouldn’t have been nearly as positive and amazing if you hadn’t been a part of it. I feel very lucky to have had you as my doula.” Sarah, Woking

“Thank you for being our guiding light during J’s birth. Of course we could have done it without you, but we are so glad we didn’t.” Sharon, Egham